How to order

How to order by PC

  1. 1.Go to the "Pick color contacts" page through the menu above.
  2. 2.Click on "See details" of the contacts you are interested in.
  3. 3.Right figure 1. "Select" the desired product from "Premium 1 time purchase", "Standard 1 time purchase", "Premium monthly delivery course" or "Standard monthly delivery course".
  4. 4.Right figure 2. Select the desired prescription for your lenses (No prescription is 0.00 and with prescription you can chose from 0.50 to 7.00), the quantity and click on "Add to shopping cart".*Be careful to chose the correct color and prescription.
  5. 5.After verifying the contents of your shopping cart, press "Continue shopping" if you wish to continue and chose other products from the page displayed. If you wish to finish your shopping with the items already in the cart, click on "To purchase procedure".


Product price

Color contact:¥4,730

Payment methods

Purchases may be made via credit card only.
*Please be aware the payment must be made within seven days of ordering.
*Should payment not be made within the payment period, your order will be canceled.


Asia Oceania, North America, Central America, the Near and Middle East Europe South America, Africa
\1,200 \1,500 \1,800 \2,000
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