Act on Specified Commercial Transactions information

  • Business name:
    Fall in Eyez(R)
  • Distributor:
  • Address:
    Minamiaoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo 107-0062, Japan
  • Administrative Director:
    Tai Sekizaki
  • Email address:
    Please use the contact form.
  • Sales price:
    Based on the price displayed on each product's page.
  • Shipping & Handling:
    Asia Oceania, North America, Central America, the Near and Middle East Europe South America, Africa
    \1,200 \1,500 \1,800 \2,000
  • Sales quantity:
    Each lens is sold in sets of two. For orders larger than this, please contact us using our call center or contact form.
  • Payment methods:
    Credit card
  • Product delivery period:
    2 to 30 days from date of order unless otherwise noted.
  • Warranty system (exchanges):
    Although we strictly inspect products before shipment, in the unlikely event that a product is stained or damaged, etc., please contact us within ten days of product delivery using our call center or contact form.
    ● We do not provide exchanges for products 11 days or more after delivery, regardless of whether the product has been opened or not.
    ● If a product is defective, was damaged during shipping, etc., or is different from the product ordered, we will exchange the product free of charge.
    ● If a product tears or is damaged within 10 days of delivery, Fall in EyezR will exchange the product free of charge.
    ● The replacement product will be the same as that ordered. We do not accept requests for changes in color or power for exchanges.
    ● Return postage within the warranty period will be borne by the customer while the fees for shipping the replacement product will be borne by us.
    ● We do not provide exchanges for defect-free products.
  • Exchange method:
    Contact us within 10 days of delivery using either our call center or contact form. After confirming the delivery of the defective product, your replacement product will be shipped.
  • Returns:
    We do not accept returns under any circumstance. We only exchange products.
  • Other:
    In the unlikely event of a dispute or other problem, discussions will be held in good faith; if this is not possible, the Tokyo District Court is designated as the court of first instance.
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