1 set (2 lenses), usable for 1 month!
Specially controlled medical devices approval no.:22300BZX00066000


■Reference sizes


*As these are soft contacts, the total of a and b may vary somewhat from the diameter of the coloring.

度あり 度なし

An overwhelmingly popular brown lens. The black edge is blurred by a veil of brown, creating more natural, gentle eyes.
*Designs registered

プレミアムレンズ プレミアムレンズ1回購入 Members will get 138points
¥4,630(tax included)


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毎月お届けコース1回購入 Members will get 125points
¥4,630 (tax included)
⇒¥4,167(tax included)


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Set contents

Original storage case

Original storage case

A fashionable pink lens case
*Lens case may differ from photograph

Instruction manual

Instruction manual

Detailed instructions included

Product specifications

  • Construction: Sandwich construction
  • Materials: HEMA, coloring agents, isotonic saline
  • Moisture content: 36%
  • Diameter: 14.00 mm
  • BC:8.6mm
  • Term of use: one month *Depending on usage and frequency.
  • Specially controlled medical devices approval no.: 22300BZX00066000


Target users

  • People who want to make their eyes look big and natural.
  • People who find traditional color contacts as uncomfortable or unsatisfactory.
  • People afraid to use contact lenses.

Product characteristics

  • Fall in Eyez(R) are color contact lenses that have passed all of the quality and safety testing standards of the Contact Lens Approval Standards under the provisions of Article 42, Paragraph 2 of the Pharmaceutical Affairs Act.
  • We manufacture our products under strict quality control based on international quality management system standards for medical devices.
  • We have acquired CE marking (a mark which shows that manufacturing conforms to safety standards).
  • We conduct our testing in accordance with GLP (Good Laboratory Practice: a system for ensuring the authenticity of tests and their results by testing bodies).
  • Our color contact lenses have been sent to accredited bodies and have passed toxicity testing, dissolution testing, and more.
  • Term of use: Switch to new lenses after one month of use. The term of use will depend on usage.
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