Privacy Policy We take the utmost care in protecting your personal information

Destiny International respects customers' privacy and believes it is an important duty to protect customers' personal information.

Please peruse the Privacy Policy below and review how Destiny International handles and uses the personal information of customers and other people.

All persons who use the Fall in EyezR website (including subdomains) or receive the services of the website such as ordering products shall be considered to have agree to this Privacy Policy.

Further, the contents of this Privacy Policy may change or be updated, so please review this page periodically.

  • Information handled and how it is used
    When customers access this site, their IP address is acquired.
    This information is used so that Destiny International can operate this website properly and quickly solve any technical problems when they arise, and also so that Destiny International may provide better service to our customers.
    The IP addresses Destiny International acquires are also used in the collection of statistical data, however, this is so that the services provided to customers may be improved and not to identify individual customers.
    By simply registering an email address with Destiny International, customers can subscribe to periodic newsletters and emails loaded with valuable information from Destiny International.
    When shopping at this website, please establish a member's account.
    By just registering an email address and password, customers can register a member's account.
    When ordering products, customers will need to provide a delivery address, contact phone number, credit card number, credit card expiration date, and billing address.
    This order information is necessary for processing and confirming customer orders.
    This order information also includes any additional information customers may provide when canceling an order for any reason afterwards.
    Customer account information and order information may be used when sending customers emails about an important change to the website, or a sale Destiny International or our business partners are holding that customers may be interested in.
    Please be aware that Destiny International may contact customers when they participate in a contest or lottery Destiny International is holding, as well as when customers answer one of Destiny International's surveys.
    Destiny International will not handle customer information for purposes other than those listed in this Privacy Policy (including the purposes listed above and for special cases of information provision).
  • Destiny International's protection of customer information
    Destiny International has taken appropriate security methods on this website to prevent loss, abuse, or alteration of customers' personal information.
    When a customer orders a product, all the information entered is encrypted using SSL (Secure Server Layer) before it is sent to Destiny International to prevent its leakage in transmission.
    Customer information stored by Destiny International is also likewise protected from unauthorized access.
    Excluding the special cases of information provision listed in this Privacy Policy, Destiny International does not share customer's private information with third parties without customer consent.
    However, in the following cases, Destiny International may share customer information with a third party regardless of customer consent.

    1. If the customer has given their consent
    2. If its disclosure has been requested under the laws and ordinances from an official body such as a court of law or the police.
    3. If it is necessary to protect the rights, assets, or services, etc. of Destiny International
    4. If it is necessary to prevent the abuse or misuse of this website
    5. If it is necessary to protect the safety or assets or a third party

    As an exception to the rule, Destiny International may share customers' personal information with another company within Destiny International's business group outside of the reasons listed above. If so, the information shared will be protected at the same level as it is by Destiny International.
    In addition, information may be shared if Destiny International merges with another company or is acquired by another company.
    In that event, there is a possibility that customer's private information would not be applicable in the other company's privacy policy, but Destiny International will contact customers with such information beforehand should it occur.
    Destiny International shares information and statistics about Destiny International's customer base, sales, traffic patterns, and other related website information with third parties, but this does not include any information that could be used to identify individual customers.
    Destiny International places links and login interfaces in this website to the websites and applications (including but not limited to websites, widgets, software, and utilities; hereafter referred to as "applications") of third parties.
    If a customer uses these applications through this website and publicly shares personal information, activity records concerning this website, or account information, the customer will be assumed to have been aware that this information could be shared with third parties.
    Even if Destiny International does not share this information, using these applications may result in a information identifying individual customers to be visible to unspecified large numbers of third parties and customers being associated with these third parties.
    Such acquired or shared information is handled according to each application's privacy policy (which differ from this Privacy Policy).
    In addition, Facebook's Facebook Connect application is allowed to be used and is allowed partial login access.
    After logging in, features such as the "Like" button become useable and using such features can result in activity records concerning this website and other information being shared on Facebook.
    Further, if a customer has consented beforehand, the fact that a customer has participated in a Destiny International event and other information may be submitted to a customer's Facebook News Feed through these applications and features.
    If a customer uses the Facebook application and features, Destiny International will be able to view the customer's Facebook account information (including profile, friends, and privacy settings).
    In addition, Facebook will also be able to acquire information concerning the customer's activities on this website through their Facebook account cookie.
    Facebook's privacy policy and terms of service will apply to information that Facebook acquires and uses through the Facebook application and features.
    Google Analytics is installed on this website to analyze traffic patterns and customer activity patterns.
    For details on Google Analytics and its privacy policy, please visit the Google Analytics website.
    In addition to Google Analytics, Destiny International also occasionally uses the analytical services of third parties.
    In addition, Destiny International may also share tracking information including customers' IP addresses with third party service providers to calculate the commissions of affiliate services and may also provide connecting websites and networks that served as customers' gateway to accessing this site with the content of customers' orders.
  • Submission functions for comments, reviews, etc.
    Customers may submit comments, reviews, and other related information concerning products and services on this website.
    Customers are asked to take responsibility for such submissions.
    Please be aware beforehand that third parties are able to freely view the information submitted by customers, that such information falls outside of this Privacy Policy, and that Destiny International can bear absolutely no responsibility for it.
  • Management of account information
    Personal account information may be updated at any time. Select the item you would like to update from the member's page and, after entering the new information, click the "Confirm" button to finish updating your information.
    Customers are asked to maintain the latest, correct information and to quickly update their information when it changes.
    After a fixed interval after its purpose of use has ended, customer information is permanently deleted.
  • Links to external websites
    External links allowing access to websites operated by third parties are allowed and posted on this website.
    Although Destiny International encourages the operators of linked websites to establish appropriate privacy policies, Destiny International shall bear absolutely no responsibility for these websites, their contents, nor the products and services provided by them.
  • Cookies
    This website uses cookies. Cookies are small files stored on your computer via your web browser.
    Third party affiliates and advertisements posted on this website may use cookies.
    Although Destiny International encourages third parties using cookies to establish appropriate privacy policies, Destiny International shall bear absolutely no responsibility for any matters related to this.
  • Privacy Policy for Children
    Destiny International believes it is an important duty to protect children's' privacy.
    Excluding surveys, contests, and when a customer enters such information into their account, Destiny International does not monitor the age of its customers.
    However, Destiny International does not allow children under the age of 18 to create member's accounts or send information that could be individually identifiable to this website without a parent or guardian's permission.
    In addition, regardless of a parent or guardian's permission, Destiny International also does not allow children under the age of 18 to post entries on this website.
    If a customer would like to restrict their child's access to content they believe is inappropriate for their child, Destiny International recommends using hardware, software, or filtering services.
    For details on filtering services, please visit or a similar website.
  • Changes to the Privacy Policy
    The contents of this Privacy Policy may change, so please visit this page frequently.
    The last date this policy was updated is recorded at the top of this page. Signs such as "New" and "Update" will also be posted on the main page and all other pages next to the applicable link after this policy is updated to make it easy to see.
  • Precedence of the Japanese version of the Privacy Policy
    Concerning the English, Chinese, and Japanese versions of this Privacy Policy, in the unlikely event that there is a contradiction or conflict between the three, the content of the Japanese version of the Privacy Policy always takes precedence.
  • Questions and feedbacky
    If you have any questions or feedback concerning this policy, please contact Destiny International using the contact form.
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