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How to better enjoy your color contacts

Fall in Eyez(R), born from the goal of providing safe contacts that offer peace of mind and are suited to Japanese eyes, has worked to make color contacts from the perspective of color contact users.

Our color contacts are the only ones in Japan to have undergone clinical trials and been approved as a specially controlled medical device.

The result is the support we receive from our numerous customers and their use of our contacts. Below, we talk about how Fall in EyezR color contacts are made.

Color contacts manufacturing process

Lens construction
【1】Lens construction

We use soft materials and focus on the thickness of curves and thinness of edges when making our contacts so they fit your eyes perfectly.

Lens construction
【2】Lens construction

Lenses are heat treated to harden them.


The processes shown in 1 and 2 above are repeated. We use sandwich construction, inserting the color layer between two lenses so that it never comes into direct contact with the cornea.

Checking the lens
【4】Checking the lens

Our engineers carefully check the design (model) of each and every lens.

Checking the lens
【5】Checking the lens

Using a special machine, lenses are magnified and they are once again checked to make sure they are the appropriate size and are free from defects


Bottles are automatically filled with an isotonic saline solution, after which lenses are sealed in the bottles.

Checking the lens
【7】Checking the lens

Supervisors also strictly check each and every part of the automated work flow.

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